The Sapien Passport is Your Ticket to:

The Sapien Metaverse
Next Generation Communities
Digital and Real World Agency

What It Is:

The Sapien Passport will be a first of its kind NFT that gives you a digital persona and citizenship in the Sapien ecosystem. We want the Sapien Passport to be a way for communities to signify membership in their community and even speak to a person’s expertise on a topic, signify to others that they’re someone they work with, or speak in support of their talents.

Sapien’s NFT Passport is Key to Addressing the Issues We Find in Most Social Media Today

Many Existing platforms are plagued by trolls, astroturfing, and a whole host of different types of spam. Our NFT Passport aims to remedy this by creating a digital social ledger you carry with you everywhere you go in our ecosystem.

Anonymous Participation Online Has Led to Unaccountable Engagement

When you post something online, you’re making yourself vulnerable and sharing a part of yourself and that’s a uniquely beautiful thing. Unfortunately, this can open the door for faceless strangers to criticize and attack you, often unfairly, with no consequences for their behavior.

Now, The Internet Is Changing as We Move Towards the Metaverse and Web 3.0

This transition presents the potential for a scary step in the wrong direction for human connection where the metaverse takes over our daily lives and these issues become even more pronounced. As we build, it’s important that what we’re building with quality and honesty in mind from the ground up.

In The Sapien Ecosystem, The Sapien Passport Aims to Reintroduce Accountability Without Sacrificing Your Privacy.

Our vision for the Passport is a form of digital identity that allows communities to create networks and share these networks with other communities. These networks will represent an entire community’s support of an individual and their contributions. Through these networks we can help begin to solve the issues with anonymous participation without sacrificing anonymity itself.


Sapien is connecting with community organizers, thought leaders, and forward thinking people of all types to build the first community of passport holders.

Who's On Board


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