(noun) dis·il·lu·sion·ment / disəˈlo͞oZHənmənt/

The feeling of disappointment associated with discovering that the social media establishment (the Smē) has infiltrated your decentralized social ecosystem.

Somewhere in Scarletvale, Our Hero, Maxine, is finishing her workday for Unicorn Deliveries ...

Things Are Not Alright on Decentralized Social

This isn't how it was supposed to be

You are so over mainstream social media and surveillance capitalism. You believe that blockchain is the future of the internet—and you're not alone. So, why does it feel like Web3 social platforms aren't living up to their promises and potential?

You've become disillusioned by early attempts to create "decentralized" social networks. As stakeholders in Web3 projects become seduced by the corrupting influence of power and control, they begin to resemble the centralized platforms they once sought to avoid.

How long are you going to put up with it?

Max is more than a bit demoralized. 
She thought things would be different at 
Unicorn Deliveries, but the environment she found feels too familiar for comfort. The new boss seems to be the same as the old boss.

Max was once passionate about the Promise of Web3 social media. How can she feel that way again?

Web3 done right is the only way forward

Picture this: a non-partisan, community-
controlled social network.

We're Sapien, and we've got a vision for a new social landscape—and some perspective, gained from witnessing early efforts to create decentralized social media platforms.

We're building a world where you can share ideas, explore viewpoints, and create connections—without encountering manipulated algorithms, playing into corporate interests, or worrying that your data is being sold to shady characters.

What Max doesn't know is that she's about 
to be confronted 
with a choice...

a choice to believe 
that a Flourishing, 
Web3 social network 
is within reach.

a choice to believe 
that a Flourishing, 
Web3 social network 
is within reach.

Here's how sapien is making decentralized social real

Using the blockchain as the backbone of a more human social platform.


We're built on the Ethereum blockchain
The Ethereum ecosystem lends scalability, security, and built-in interoperability to the Sapien platform.

What this means for you: By migrating your social platform experience to Sapien, you get to take advantage of all the things Ethereum has to offer—and the sheer scale of development happening within the ETH-osystem means that the platform is always improving, and the Web3 movement is always progressing.


We're powered by a tokenized rewards engine
SPN is a utility token built on the ERC-20 standard and used to power social actions—like charging posts and comments, staking, and voting in community polls.

What this means for you: You'll be rewarded and recognized for your contributions, based on the consensus of the community—and the barrier to entry serves as deterrent against scammers, bad actors, or other forms of malfeasance.


We're a social landscape made up of distinct, self-governing communities
Create and join Tribes based on your interests, and have a voice in setting the rules that govern those Tribes.

What this means for you: Sapien is all about creating environments where groups of people are encouraged to thrive authentically. On Sapien, Tribes set their own terms of engagement and take charge of enforcing prosocial behaviors. The code of conduct for your roller derby squad might be different from that of the beekeeper's union, or an alt-music appreciation club.


We've partnered with other Web3 projects to make our platform better and stronger
Scalable Layer-2 transactions with Matic, Gasless transactions through Biconomy relayers, frictionless token-swapping with Kyber Network, and an intuitive native-built wallet experience are all on the product roadmap.

What this means for you: There's always something new and exciting in the works at Sapien. We're constantly on the lookout for partnerships that bring added utility and usability to the platform. We want to make the Sapien social landscape as lush and fulfilling as possible.