social media built for humans

The Social Media Establishment (The Smē) is sucking the life out of you. It’s been feeding on you for years and has profited handsomely in the process.

We’ve got a new way to do things. We’ve built a better platform, with a different business model, guided by one mantra: humans first.

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Your experience isn't determined by a central authority. It's determined by the communities you choose to join.
We don't profit from the spread of outrage and hate. We profit when you find community and connection.
We don't profit from selling your attention to advertisers. We enable you to profit from your social contributions.
We don't collect your personal data or track your click habits—we respect your privacy and digital autonomy.

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A place for independent communities to thrive

On Sapien the power lies in the people, not in the hands of a board of directors or shady, manipulative algorithms. We've built our platform to be a home for collaborative co-creation, improvisation, and a—and the rules are set at the community-level, decided and enforced by their members and leadership.

Powering the new creator economy

Social media giants make massive profits by acting as intermediaries between creators and their audiences. Arbitrary and opaque systems determine how much exposure a creator receives—and how they'll be compensated for their efforts.

Sapien believes that creators and audiences belong together, in a nurturing environment where creators are fairly rewarded for their work and audiences enjoy direct connections with their favorite personalities.

Your new destination for connection

Sapien isn’t just another social media platform.

It’s a space for human beings to create and explore new social possibilities, together.