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The Promising Future of Social Tokens

Think about the countless hours you’ve spent browsing through social media and enjoying the well-crafted posts from your creators. As you are browsing through, your every interaction is analyzed...

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NFTs: A Ledger of the Times

For a practice rooted in authentication and independence, NFTs have yet to be popularly understood outside of some select circles.

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The Tribe’s Dilemma

Humans have made truly incredible progress as a species — a term that best encapsulates all of our shared accomplishments, shared failures, and shared experiences as a collective across time.

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Welcome to the Tribe

The rapid and relentless progress of technology has lifted many people out of poverty but at the same time it feels as though it has left many of us behind.

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Special Features

Social Dilemma Whitepaper

The Social Dilemma documentary was released on Netflix in September, 2020. It brought much needed attention to the serious problems posed by social media. In 2020 the Sapien Team wrote a whitepaper titled "Let's Solve the Social Dilemma" that presents our review and analysis of this important issue.

You can read/download the whitepaper HERE (PDF).

Also, click below to follow the journey of a Sapien as they learn more about this threat.

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Maxine's Escape

You are so over mainstream social media and surveillance capitalism. You believe that blockchain is the future of the internet—and you're not alone. So, why does it feel like Web3 social platforms aren't living up to their promises and potential?

Click below to follow Maxine as she discovers she is not alone in the Resistance.

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