The Sapien Tribe Passport


The Sapien Tribe Passport is the first of its kind Non-fungible token (NFT) that endows holders with fundamental rights through citizenship in the Sapien Tribe — the first Sovereign Digital Nation.

Passports contain unique 1-of-1 digital artwork, and serve as a digital representation of identity and as a social ledger.

Sapien Tribe Passports will be issued in several batches. We’re starting with 100 passports to prove out our model — to bring on thought leaders, sensemakers, changemakers that can help us further build the Tribe.

Sapien is minting the first 100 NFT Passports for sale on Opensea.

Why Should I Purchase a Sapien Tribe Passport?


The Sapien Tribe Passport is a representation of citizenship in the Sapien Tribe.

  • All citizens of the Sapien Tribe are entitled to protection of the rights outlined in the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Sapiens.
  • The Sapien Tribe respects an individual’s agency to choose which tribes they engage with and so citizenship within the Sapien Tribe is not mutually exclusive with citizenship in other tribes or nations.
  • The transferability of unsigned Sapien Passports creates a market mechanism for citizenship within the Sapien TribeLiquid Citizenship. Passport holders will sign their passports during the Constitutional Convention, at which point the passport will become non-transferable and the holder will become a founding member of the Sapien Tribe. At this point a passport holder must choose between the market value of their passport and the social value of participation in the Sapien Tribe.


  • The Passport provides access to both digital and real-world events. For example, the Constitutional Convention will be an exclusive gathering of the Founding Members.
  • The Passport represents identity, which may be real or pseudonymous. The Passport will contain important information to help others understand an individual’s role within a tribe such as titles.
  • The Passport contains a social ledger of achievements, contributions, and interactions. For example, a tribe may provide a title to a prominent industry or scientific leader who has made a significant contribution to the tribe. Conversely, a tribe may red flag a certain individual for incessant trolling, spam, or misconduct. Over time, the Passport becomes a proxy for reputation and will enable tribes to leverage shared trust to build powerful, community-driven moderation networks.
  • As an NFT, the Passport is interoperable with any other Web3 applications. Any third-party organization can build utilities, products or experiences for token holders.

Royalties and the revenue model

  • The Sapien Tribe Passports have a 5% resale fee in secondary markets. Resale fees are redistributed to Sapien Token (SPN) holders proportionally based on their SPN token holdings. For example, if there are 2 members in the Sapien Tribe—one with 2 tokens and another with 6 tokens, the first member will receive 25% of resale fees and the second member will receive 75% of resale fees. The Sapien Tribe reserves the right to modify the royalty structure.
  • The Sapien Tribe maintains a significant reserve of SPN and royalties collected on passports will fund the operations of the tribe. Other transaction fees in the network (e.g. fees assessed on the Sapien platform) will also be distributed in this manner.

Historical Figures

  • The Sapien Tribe Passport will contain unique Avatars — the first 10,000 of which will contain aspirational historical figures as stylized portraits. These figures will be Honorary Members of the Sapien Tribe and will collectively serve as an image that the Sapien Tribe can aspire to as it takes on global challenges that demand limitless ambition, creativity, perseverance and love.
  • The transferability of the Sapien Tribe Passport will create a market for these figures with a deeply significant historical, cultural, and human impact, bringing to light figures from our shared history that have had an immense impact on Humanity but whose contributions may not have had the recognition that they deserve up until this point. The Sapien Tribe Passport will let us understand for the first time, how we collectively value our shared history and the people that have shaped it.

Passport Distribution

  • The Cultural Significance of this project demands equitable representation and so we are implementing a Passport Distribution Strategy that respects it. We are selecting 10,000 individuals globally across a broad swathe of backgrounds whose values align with ours and who we believe could contribute significantly to the Sapien Tribe to receive Sapien Tribe Passports prior to opening the market for their sale.

The Passport Market

  • After they are distributed, passports will be opened for sale by holders. Holders will be able to receive offers of purchase for their passports and accept or reject those offers as they deem appropriate.