About Sapien

The Birth of Sapien

Sapien was founded in 2016 by Ankit Bhatia and Rob Giometti while they were students at University of California, Berkeley.

Ankit and Rob shared a deep concern for the role that social media was playing in increasing social polarization, aggravating mental health and addiction problems, undermining democratic processes, and inhibiting our ability to collectively solve important social problems. They committed to building a real alternative.

At Berkeley the pair built the prototype that would later become Sapien.Network, a tokenized social network built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Sapien.Network Platform

The first live version of the Sapien.Network platform launched in 2018. The platform uses an ERC-20 utility token to represent the value created within a social community. The resulting Value Economy offers an alternative to the conventional model of Value Capture, in which a majority of the profits generated by a social community are siphoned off to the owner company and to third parties.

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Understanding The Problem

To fix the problems caused by corporate-controlled social media, we need an alternative business model that protects the rights of users to control their data and the content they create.

But data sovereignty isn't enough. We also need an incentive structure that doesn't foster extremism and reward our worst tribal impulses.

This is the real challenge: how to design a social network system that zealously protects member rights and freedoms, while also nurturing the best parts of ourselves.

The Sapien team has explored many approaches to this problem.

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The Sapien Solution

At Sapien we believe that human beings, individually and as groups, must be empowered to create, curate, and share content, and have sovereign rights to control and benefit from the value that issues from this content. Within this system, there must be member-controlled incentives to add real value that is recognized and rewarded by fellow members.

We believe the path to creating such a system is through a self-organizing network of sovereign "tribes", each with collective ownership rights over their digital and physical assets.

But to set up such a system, we need a first sovereign tribe—the Sapien Tribe.

You can be among the first to receive a Sapien NFT Passport that grants you citizenship rights within the Sapien Tribe.

The Sapien Tribe Passport

The Sapien Tribe Passport is the first of its kind Non-fungible token (NFT) that endows holders with fundamental rights through citizenship in the Sapien Tribe — the first Sovereign Digital Nation.

The Sapien Tribe Passport will grant owners rights of citizenship in the Sapien Tribe, a digital identity, and access rights to digital and real-world events. It will also function as a social ledger, carrying information about the owner's achievements, contributions and interactions.

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The Sapien Nation Community

The Web3 social movement is a loose affiliation of individuals and groups who believe that blockchain and crypto technologies offer promising new directions for solving social problems and creating a brighter future.

Sapien Nation is a community for those who want to learn more about the ideas and issues that animate the Web3 movement.

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