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Corporate controlled social media is an increasingly harmful presence
A Zuckerberg-controlled metaverse is a dystopia that we must resist
Web3 innovation is the key to more fulfilling, more sustainable, and more democratic future
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What is Sapien?

A Company

Sapien is a Web3 development company, founded in 2016, dedicated to promoting human agency and wellbeing in social networks.

A Platform

In 2017, Sapien launched Sapien.Network, a pioneering social networking platform, built on the Etherium blockchain.

A Community

The Sapien Nation community connects individuals and groups around the most important issues facing us today.

A Radical Solution!

In 2021, Sapien reveals a roadmap toward a free and flourishing metaverse that protects digital sovereignty.

Founding Sapien Members

Ankit Bhatia

(Siddhartha Gautama)
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Rob Giometti

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Teja Aluru

(John Von Neumann)
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