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Sapien is a Web3 social network that gives users control of their data, rewards content creators, and fights fake news.

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Core Values

Our values are deeply rooted in the Sapien ecosystem and will help us create the best web3 social experience.


Users should have a say in the communities that they are part of.


Whether you want to be famous or anonymous, your data on Sapien belongs to YOU.

Free Speech

A fundamental principle that should be protected with disruptive tools.


Each user should be able to tailor a social experience to their liking.

SPN Utility

Find out how our SPN Token will change how you interact in the social space.

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Key to the
Sapien Network

The SPN token is required to access the Sapien network. But don’t worry! It doesn’t cost you anything to use the platform - a user simply has to hold the tokens. By staking tokens, a user gets access to voting, commenting, and posting on the platform. This is also creates the “something-at-stake” design of Sapien that will help combat trolls, bots, and fake news on the platform.

Key Features

As the platform grows, new features will become available.

Public/Private Browsing

Seamlessly switch between public and private modes to experience Sapien anonymously or with your real identity.


Subscribe to branches to stay up to date with the latest posts from your friends and the world.

Friends, Groups, and Posts

Add friends, create groups, share posts, comment, and explore.

Feature-rich Chat

Join text and voice channels with our powerful chat interface to provide a more dynamic and engaging user experience.


Protect your privacy online. Sapien protects your personal data and offers encrypted chat conversations.

Highly Customizable

Every individual is unique. Have control over every feature and tailor your own social experience.

Our Partners

Sapien has partnered with the best in the business.


Find out what others have to say about Sapien

"Sapien could prove to be a viable and popular alternative to current existing social media platforms. More and more people are increasingly getting fed up with the way Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies are mistreating them — from selling their personal information to third parties, to bombarding them with ads they never asked to see."

"To Bhatia, the possibilities for this new type of social media network are endless and could completely change the way that people interact with each other online. In a final word of advice while speaking at the Blockchain Challenge Lab class, he encouraged UC Berkeley students to start their own projects that they think could make the world a better place."

Centralized platforms like Google and Facebook are known to take advantage of the data and information that they gather from users of their platforms. These platforms make money by selling their user data to advertisers without the permission of their real owners. In fact, they do so completely without any form of compensation to the real data owners. Therefore, it is no surprise that when people are offered the opportunity to take control of their own personal resources they jump at it wholeheartedly. This is evident from the reception to the emerging decentralized social network new platform, Sapien.

In response, blockchain-based platforms like Sapien provide alternatives to these centralized platforms. As a social media platform, it encourages free speech and the creation and sharing of high-quality content while discouraging fake news in the process.

"Sapien makes their platform experience dead-easy that even my technology illiterate grandmother could probably understand, through intuition alone. Putting the problems pertaining to the pure democracy approach aside, Sapien could also be a platform that tackles the Net Neutrality issue head on, enabling for users to control their own data, and to enable seamless peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions."

Our Team

Behind every great product is a great team

Ankit Bhatia


Ankit is a tech entrepreneur who enjoys bringing impactful ideas to life. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and now excels at deriving business value from complex technical ideas. He is passionately committed to building the privacy-focused, democratized web3 infrastructure of the future using distributed technologies like the Blockchain. Programmer, writer, tokenomics strategist, advisor, crypto enthusiast, and investor since 2013. YCombinator SUS’17 graduate.

Robert Giometti


Robert studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley. During his undergraduate career, Rob spearheaded and developed many of the features, algorithms, and innovations that exist in Sapien today. Rob is a brilliant theorist who understands how modern technologies will transform future societies.

Greg Parker


Greg has triple degrees in Astrophysics, Computer Science and Mathematics, and holds the patent for peer-to-peer networking in the US and EU. Greg co-founded 4 startups (with exits), and is an expert in peer-to-peer networks, cryptography, blockchain. He has built and scaled many first to market technologies in many areas, including social networks and messaging. He is considered a strategic visionary who can roll up his sleeves and code.

Jason Kirkpatrick

Director of Engineering

Jason has spent 20 years delivering software strategically built for achieving business goals. Working across the globe he has been programming and leading technical teams for the Defense, Finance, Publishing, Entertainment, Health care, and AEC industries. From small buisiness business to FF50, he helped clients and development teams transform a vision into concrete tools, products, or services. In the past decade he has focused on startups for employment, computer vision, and medical devices - primarily based out of NYC.

Aurélien Nicolas

Blockchain Advisor

Aurélien is a product security expert, with experience in web, distributed systems, entrepreneurship, and cryptography. He also is a smart contract auditor and white hat hacker at organizations such as Google, Oraclize, and Gitlab. Aurélien is passionate about researching applications of cryptography and computation integrity.

Lynn Connolly

Compliance Advisor

Lynn has previously advised for Lykke Corporation, cryptocurrency exchange, compliance, risk management, ALM, trading strategies, ICO token structuring & due diligence. Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Research for Fossil Free Indexes (FFI), and structuring of investment fund strategies. +25 years in both industry and advisory services, working for firms such as Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, and Deloitte. Advisory services to global financial institutions, asset managers, and funds in compliance, risk management, regulatory requirements, portfolio analysis, strategies, and valuation. Co-author whitepaper “The Missing Link: How a Distributed Ledger System Can Support Global Climate Action.” Published in the areas of asset management, risk management and valuation. Series 65 License, Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination. B.S. in Economics Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

Sabbir Ahmed Siddiquee

Software Engineer

Sabbir studied Computer Science & Engineering at AUST, Bangladesh. He is a full stack software engineer having 4+ years of experience who loves front end development. Sabbir also specializes in Web UI development and enjoys working with JavaScript. At Sapien, Sabbir has developed the platform's UI.

Mahmoud Abed

Full-stack Software Engineer

Mahmoud is a full stack software engineer with 10 years of professional experience building web applications for the smallest of small startups, to some of the largest Apps, with a BSC degree in Computer Science from PSUT.

Ethan Escareño Rosano

Lead Developer

Ethan is a passionate software engineer with a degree in Network and Telecommunications. He has been working in the IT sector for 7 years. As lead developer he oversees the V2 team, ensuring best practices are followed. Ethan spends most of his time between Twitter / Github / Codewara and Medium.

Marco Tabasco

Blockchain Engineer

Marco is a Blockchain Engineer at Sapien. He has more than 15 years of experience building software solutions for large companies and founded the first technology subscription service in Spain. Marco specializes in backend development, but his multidisciplinary skillset allows him to deliver effective architectural solutions and innovations. As a passionate enthusiast about technology, Marco also actively participates in local meetups related to blockchain and open-source development.

Cristian Dascalu

DevOps Engineer

Cristian is a DevOps Engineer at Sapien. He is a systems engineering veteran, with years of experience in building, monitoring, and troubleshooting infrastructure for high-traffic applications. In recent years, Cristian has specialized in writing infrastructure-as-code and building automated infrastructure that leverages the power of public cloud and open source technologies.

Roman Butusov

Blockchain Engineer

Roman is a Blockchain Engineer at Sapien. He is an Information Technology professional with over 15 years in the industry and additional experience in blockchain, FinTech and DevOps. Roman employs his passion for blockchain and decentralization to develop exciting technologies and innovations that power the Sapien Network.

Katya de la Rosa

Full-stack Software Engineer

Katya is part of the Sapien V2 Team, where she works as a Fullstack Software Engineer. Katya is focused on the implementation of GQL on the full stack. She has over 5 years experience in the startup space, with a focus on best testing practices. She has a degree in Network and Telecommunication, various Cisco Certificates, and is active in local Hackathons.

Javier Ocanas

Software Engineer

Full stack developer with a focus in front end development. Passionate of performance improvement and good user experience. More than 5 years of experience doing what he likes the most, JavaScript. He loves to explore different ways to do the same thing and implement best practices.

Tommy Valls Edwards

Treasury Mangement

Tommy recently studied Philosophy and Economics at Florida International University. His first experience with virtual currencies was in 2008 with his first online business arbitraging World of Warcraft Gold from China to US consumers. In 2012, he was galvanized by Bitcoin and has been actively trading and investing in cryptocurrencies since then. Aside from being a crypto enthusiast and trader, he has launched multiple e-commerce brands.

Alex de la Rosa

Software Engineer

Alex is an I.T engineer and technology enthusiast with 4 years of experience in software development, building web applications for innovative startups using the latest tech.

Roy Shubhashis

Full-stack Software Engineer

Roy is a full stack engineer with 1.5 years of professional experience. He is really passionate about new technologies like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing & Blockchain. He has hands on experience in React.js, Node.js, React-Native, Python and Tensorflow. He has completed his BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from MIST, Bangladesh.

Adem Bilican

Lead Mobile Developer

Adem is an independent mobile developer focusing on projects related to the blockchain technology. He developed several applications using platform specific native technology and hybrid add development tools. He is involved in several cryptocurrency projects. Recently, Adem worked as a mobile developer lead at the quantum resistant ledger (QRL) and Elastos (ELA) projects and was involved in the development of their mobile wallets.


Support Engineer

Ovi Studied Post Graduation in information System Security from BUP. He completed Bsc in CSE from AUST in South Asia. He has a deep knowledge on Server Installations, Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment. He loves to test Servers, Software Platforms and Security. Ovi is interested research in data management, with an emphasis on topics related to Big Data and data sharing, such as probabilistic data, data pricing, parallel data processing, data security. He is passionate about helping build the Web3 social network of the future.


UI/UX Designer

Margaux has been elevating and ideating user interface for platforms and startups for 4 years and thrives on the challenge of creating intuitive and human-centered mobile and web experiences. She's passionate about the societal and ethical implications of blockchain technologies and loves to employ her expertise in product design to help advance, vivify and make the userflow on decentralized applications clear-cut, aesthetic and universally accessible.


Latif Nathani

Product & Marketplace

Latif was most recently the CEO of eBay India. He grew the business from under $200M GMV in 2013 to nearly $500M GMV in 2016 and 5M+ customers. He exited with the sale of eBay India to Flipkart. Previously Latif co-founded eMemories.com (one of the first online picture sharing services) and 2 enterprise businesses at Microsoft (Systems Center and Speech Server). He also led global product marketing at Symantec and named/launched Norton 360. Latif has 26 years of technology industry experience, including 15 years at Microsoft.

Gregory Berkin

Business & Marketing Strategy

Gregory Berkin is the Managing Director of Concours Ventures, a Silicon Valley boutique angel group focused on next generation geospatial, virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) applications for mobile devices. Greg is serial entrepreneur who founded several successful startups in Silicon Valley and New York. He has been an Apple software developer for over 30 years having founded one of the first educational software development and publishing firms for the Apple Macintosh Computer in 1984. With a computer science degree from Potsdam and an MBA from Duke University, Greg mentors, consults and advises over a dozen Silicon Valley start-ups in early-stage growth, strategy, investment, IP, and development in all areas of high technology.

Christian Ferri

Blockchain & Investor Relations

Christian Ferri has been in the crypto space since its early days in 2010 and built a solid network of early adopters, influencers, experts, and visionaries over the years. He founded BlockOne Ventures in 2014, one of the first blockchain agencies to work on crypto related projects. Today the agency has helped companies like Bancor, Token Card and many others to successfully raise funds through ICOs. In addition, BlockOne Ventures delivers corporate training on Blockchain to Fortune 500, organizes a crypto event series in collaboration with Draper and is managing a crypto fund for selected high-net-worth investors.

Adnan Javed

Blockchain Advisor

Adnan is a qualified Lawyer and Engineer. He has worked in the IT/Telecommunications space with international businesses such as Ericsson and Nokia for the past 10 years. 3 years ago he discovered Bitcoin which led him to explore blockchain applications and use cases. He has worked on numerous blockchain projects to date including large scale bespoke blockchain projects across internet of things, finance and payments sectors. He is an advisor to multiple blockchain startups including ZenCash and ETHLend. He has a keen interest in how blockchain technology will advance in shaping all industry sectors from an adoption, regulatory and policy perspective.

Dr. Mihaela Ulieru

Blockchain Expert

Professor Mihaela Ulieru, PhD is an expert in distributed intelligent systems working with many governments and organizations towards a healthier, safer, more sustainable and innovation-driven world. She founded two research labs leading several global large-scale projects in collaboration with international businesses such as Rockwell Automation, Daimler-Chrysler, SAP, Fanuc, BHP Billiton, Thales, NORTEL as well as government, academia and nonprofit leaders. She was appointed to numerous boards among which the Science Councils of Singapore, Canada and European Commission and recently to the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum where she championed Blockchain as one of the Top 10 technologies of 2016. She advises several startups at the nexus of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, among which: LifeLink.com, MyBit.io, and SocialCash.io.

Dr. Po Chi Wu

Blockchain & Fintech Expert

Dr. Po Chi Wu is a senior partner at Futurelab Consulting, an Industry Fellow & Visiting Professor at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley and Adjunct Professor in the School of Business and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. His teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship (blockchain) is considered radical and inspirational because he emphasizes experiential learning, self-awareness, borderless mentoring, and the entrepreneurial mindset. A successful international venture capitalist who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, he brings a unique perspective and context of more than 30 years of experience and insight. He earned his Ph.D in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Princeton University. He is a co-author of "Agile Innovation" (Wiley & Sons, 2014) and is a frequent keynote speaker, mentor and judge for activities in the startup ecosystem.